Shannon Sharpe Reveals He Takes Off All Of His Clothes Before Using Restroom


Football Hall of Famer and sports media personality Shannon Sharpe generated plenty of negative headlines this season, after he had an altercation with the entire Memphis Grizzlies team and Ja Morant’s father, Tee Morant, during the Grizzlies’ game in Los Angeles against the Lakers.

However this time, Sharpe is back with some obscure news. While speaking to Gilbert Arenas on ‘Nightcap’, Sharpe revealed that he gets completely naked each time he uses the restroom. This is also why he hates using public restrooms.


“I’d rather go in the woods than go in the gym. I’d rather go in the woods than go in the airport. Man, I like to be free. I take off all my clothes. I go to the bathroom and I take off everything I got and throw it on the floor.”


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