Scottie Pippen Rips Kawhi Leonard For Not Being A Part Of The Spurs

Photo Credit: Edward A. Ornelas/San Antonio Express-News

Scottie Pippen Rips Kawhi Leonard For Not Being A Part Of The Spurs


There has been a lot of buzz around Kawhi Leonard this season, for a lot of reasons. His stellar play, we’ve gotten used to, wasn’t part of it though.

Even though he’s medically cleared, Leonard still chooses to be out. Kawhi Leonard even went weeks without communicating with the team.

While other injured stars are attending their team’s games, supporting them from the sidelines, Leonard is nowhere to be seen. According to various reports it even is unlikely that he’ll show up for the Spurs’ home games.

That’s the reason why Scottie Pippen blasted Leonard on ESPN’s ‘The Jump’.


“I think it is something. It’s been going on for a while. He’s really showing that he’s not part of the team anymore. And I think it’s probably starting to filter down through the whole team.

His teammates are starting to, you know, feel let down by him. So they probably don’t want him on the bench. I wouldn’t want a guy on a bench that should be playing, can play, and he’s having these problems with management.”

“I’ve never seen a super star player not want to carry his team. It’s like he’s lost his love for the game”


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