Ron Harper’s Savage Reaction To Craig Ehlo Guarding Michael Jordan Instead Of Him Before ‘The Shot’

Photo Credit: Carl Skalak/Sports Illustrated, via Getty Images


When we think of Michael Jordan’s most memorable moments, a couple of shots and plays come into mind immediately, one of which is ‘The Shot’ – Jordan’s iconic buzzer-beating game-winner against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 1989 Eastern Conference Playoffs, which happened 34 years ago today.

In 2020, during the third episode of ‘The Last Dance’, Jordan admitted that during said game, Cavaliers guard Ron Harper, who would later become his teammate, had done a good job defending him in the game.

Strangely, Cleveland head coach Lenny Wilkens wanted Craig Ehlo to guard Jordan on that final possession. This was the moment Jordan knew that the game was over – interestingly enough, Harper thought the exact same thing:


“We up by one. I said, ‘Coach, I got MJ. I got MJ.’ So the coach goes, ‘I’m gonna put Ehlo on MJ.’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, OK. Whatever. F**k this bulls*t.’”


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