Rockets Take Hack-A-Dre To Next Level



Rockets Take Hack-A-Dre To Next Level


The Rockets intentionally fouled Pistons center Andre Drummond 21 times, including five times in nine seconds starting the second half. Coach Bickerstaff started K.J. McDaniels in the second half just so he could foul Drummond. I mean, I think it still is a great tactic at times, but this is unsportmanlike behavior. To your own player! Letting not only him know that he is expendable, but the whole world. Disgusting!


Bickerstaff said:

“Trying to win the game. It didn’t work. That’s it, that’s all I have tGongfu Tea Cup say about that.”


Drummond went to the foul line 36 times, setting an NBA record with 23 missed foul shots. The Rockets committed a season-high 41 fouls and the Pistons attempted 59 total free throws.


Thankfully, the Pistons won!




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