Richard Jefferson Explains Why LeBron James Is The Greatest Scorer Of All-Time

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Richard Jefferson Explains Why LeBron James Is The Greatest Scorer Of All-Time


Richard Jefferson played for 17 seasons and was a member of seven different teams in the NBA. While he had his best seasons with the New Jersey Nets, Jefferson found the most team success while playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers.  

Winning his first and only ring on a LeBron James-led team while having a front row seat to LeBron’s greatness, it’s not a surprise that Jefferson has the tendency to hold the now-Los Angeles Lakers superstar in high regard.

Sharing an interesting interview with Gilbert Arenas on the ‘No Chill Gil’ podcast. The player-turned-analyst was asked which player he considers as the greatest scorer of all-time, Jefferson had an easy response and answered LeBron James.


“LeBron James. I hear exactly what you’re saying, and people might disagree with me. But understand this – the greatest scorer is, its consistency, its longevity, and its amount. It might not be these crazy numbers. For me, I was never a 40-point-per-game (guy). Every night, you were going to get, at my best, between 17 and 30 every single night. I was not a 9 points, then 51, 22. I was just very consistent.”

“LeBron James’ playoff scoring, he passed Michael Jordan three seasons ago. He’s going to add to that before his career ends. So to pass LeBron James, an all-time playoff scoring record, somebody is going to have to do what? Average 30 points a game, and go to like 13 NBA Finals. That’s just not going to be broken… And then he’s going to pass Kareem.”


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