Retired NBA Player Says Derrick Rose And Zach LaVine Would Have Been ‘Pick Your Poison’ Backcourt

Photo Credit: Armando L. Sanchez / Chicago Tribune/Chicago Tribune/TNS

Retired NBA Player Says Derrick Rose And Zach LaVine Would Have Been ‘Pick Your Poison’ Backcourt


After bouncing from one team to another, Derrick Rose, whose career was derailed by injuries, gained an opportunity to build up his deteriorated career in Minnesota. Seizing this opportunity, the former MVP restored his game and became a reliable and serviceable point guard in the NBA. 

Prior to this season, Rose was a free-agent and was seen as an asset on the market. He eventually joined the Detroit Pistons where he’s having a great year. His former team, though, the Chicago Bulls where Rose started his career, could’ve brought him back, but the franchise seemingly didn’t take that opportunity and prioritized someone else.

In an appearance on theScoob B Radio Podcast‘, retired NBA Player and BC Sports analyst, Kendall Gill, talked about the last free agency when the Bulls had the chance of resigning their former MVP and pairing him up with Zach LaVine.


Kendal Gill: “So you know, the things that they say about Derrick, saying that his career being dead I knew they were untrue the whole time and every time I got a chance to voice my opinion whether it be on TV here in Chicago or on the radio, I voice my opinion. And I thought that the Bulls should have re-signed Derrick this year, instead Derrick’s up in Detroit. If Detroit is playing .500, Derrick Rose MAKES the All-Star Team. Just imagine what he would be here in Chicago teamed up with Zach LaVine… Can you imagine that backcourt? I mean pick your poison with that one.”


Derrick Rose was a bona fide star and spearheaded the championship contending Chicago Bulls. Unfortunately, things changed when Rose tore his ACL in 2012. Although, the Bulls continued to make the playoffs, they never were able to reach their 2011 form, when they had a healthy Rose who won MVP and led them to 66 wins and a conference finals appearance, again.

The Bulls have been dwelling at the rock bottom for a couple of years now. The franchise seems to struggle to get back on track and experience another winning season. While they found a glimpse of hope in Zach LaVine, Lauri Markkanen and Coby White, it still may take a couple of years for them to restore their glorious days.

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