Ray Allen Explains His 2012 Departure, Talks About Receiving Death Threats

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Ray Allen Explains His 2012 Departure, Talks About Receiving Death Threats


It’s been almost eight years since Ray Allen made his tough decision to leave the Boston Celtics and join LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in South Beach—a departure that enraged the entire Celtics franchise and its fanbase.

This move however became one of the best free-agent signings in Miami Heat history. Allen ended up becoming a key piece for the Heat’s championship aspirations; leaving a mark with one of the best clutch shots in NBA history in Game 6 of 2013 NBA Finals. It was an unforgettable moment in history, yet a bitter moment that doesn’t sit well with Boston fans. 

In an appearance on The Cedric Maxwell Podcast, Ray Allen explained the reason for his departure to Miami. He also opened up about his relationships with his former teammates and the backlash he received from Boston fans.



“As you know when I left, I left as a free agent,” Allen began. “I left because there were so many so many unresolved issues that team wasn’t considering or willing to change.”

“What is it now? It’s 2020 so you’re talking about nine years now,” Allen continued. “I’ve gotten so much hate, death threats, vitriol from Boston fans. Obviously, these guys have kind of removed me from the Big 3, said so many negative things about me and I haven’t had one negative thing to say about any of them.”


Ray Allen played for the Boston Celtics for five seasons. In these years, he made the NBA All-Star Team three times and became a part of their championship team in 2008. 

His contributions and sacrifices for the team however were trumped by his decision to join the Heat in 2012. To this date, Allen is still hurt from the treatment he received and the continuing issue that rooted from his free agency move.

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