Photo Of Zach Edey Dunking With Feet Still On Ground Goes Viral


A practice photo released by the Memphis Grizzlies on Monday has gone viral, showcasing the incredible leaping ability of rookie center Zach Edey. The photo shows Edey throwing down a dunk with his feet not leaving the ground.

Edey, a towering 7-foot-4 center doesn’t need a traditional jump to put the ball through the hoop. His immense size allows him to overpower defenders and extend his arms for dunks that seem effortless.

The photo has sparked a frenzy on social media, with fans marveling at Edey’s physical prowess. Many commented on the absurdity of a player dunking with such minimal elevation.

“Is this real?” one fan questioned on Twitter. “He’s barely jumping!”

Edey, drafted 23rd overall by the Grizzlies in the 2024 NBA Draft, is expected to be a key contributor for Memphis. His size and skillset make him a dominant force in the paint, and his ability to finish around the rim will be a valuable asset.


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