Paul Pierce Names Jamal Murray As The Best Point Guard In The NBA, NBA Twitter Reacts

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No moment has been too big for Jamal Murray this playoffs. Making his return to the big stage after missing the last two due to injury, it didn’t take long for him to re-establish himself as a top-tier point guard in the NBA.

Murray has put his talent on display, putting up 26.7 points, 5.5 rebounds and 7.1 assists per game on 47.6% shooting this postseason. He can truly get a look whenever he wants and is capable of keeping the offense afloat whenever teammate Nikola Jokic takes the bench.

Now, fans and basketball pundits can’t help but wonder where Murray currently ranks among the top point guards in the NBA. For former Boston Celtics superstar and current NBA analyst Paul Pierce, Murray now reigns as No.1.


“Jamal Murray is the best point guard in the league,” 



Murray is having an incredible postseason and is obviously a major reason why the Nuggets have managed to find massive success throughout the year. However, plenty of fans didn’t take Pierce’s opinion lightly and decided to fire back on the 45-year old Celtics legend.


“This is why espn fired you .. you wake up smoke some bad weed and say shit like this …”



“Murray was 4th in scoring on his own team last night. Bench role player Bruce Brown dropped more points.

If this happened with Steph in a Finals game, he’d be getting slandered into oblivion.

Instead, we have delusional bozos like Paul Pierce crowning Jamal best PG in the NBA.”



“Omg. I’m not even going to mention Steph or Luka. Ja is better”



“Steph Curry & Kyrie Irving still in the league so no”



“Not better than Steph, Luka, SGA… not sure he can carry a team”



Respect to Paul Pierce, but obvious prisoner of the moment type of tweet. Jamal Murray is definitely someone to be taken seriously as one the best, but he ain’t Steph Curry!!


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