Paul George Wants To Be A Laker

Paul George Wants To Be A Laker


We’ve come to a point, where it is more realistic to see Paul George play in Lakers’ purple and gold next season than him staying in Indiana.

The rumors about George wanting to play in Los Angeles have been around for a very long time, but the rumors are turning into facts more and more.

The only hope for Indiana is George making an All NBA Team, which at this point is not very likely (Butler or Hayward will rather make the All NBA 3rd team). So George will become a free agent in 2018, and only if George makes an All-NBA team, the Pacers can give him the $210 million designated player contract (George would be making $70 million more than anyone else) this summer. If he doesn’t make an All NBA Team, the Pacers have to consider trading him, maybe would even be forced to trade him. The risk would be too high to lose Paul George in the 2018 off season in return for nothing.

Adding to that, Paul George’s former Pacer teammates have said that he more or less told them that he wanted to play for the Lakers and never made a secret out of it in the locker room. (Per Sporting News)


“A SoCal native, he’s been talking about playing for his hometown team, the Lakers, for a long time. He’s never made his long-term intentions a secret within the Pacers’ locker room, according to former teammates. He wants to wear the purple and gold.”


It’s very unusual for a player to tell his teammates about his plans to join a different team, but no matter if this really is what he said, it seems very likely that Paul George will be the new face of the Los Angeles Lakers coming next season.

George’s potential last game for the Pacers, was one of his worst, shooting 5 of 21 from the field – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – Hello Purple And Gold Brick Road…


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