Pat Riley Once Got Thrown Out Of The Presidential Suite To Make Room For Michael Jordan

Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/Getty Images


After ESPN and Netflix’s joint production ‘The Last Dance’ was over, some more stories popped up.

During an appearance on the ‘After the Last Dance Podcast’, ‘The Last Dance’ director, Jason Hehir, recalled a hilarious story Pat Riley told about how Jordan more or less stole his presidential suite at a Hawaii luxury hotel and then waved at him from the balcony.


“Riley is staying in the presidential suite of this gorgeous resort in Hawaii … And the manager calls him up and said ‘Mr. Riley, you have to clear your things out of the presidential suite. We have an unexpected guest and we have to move you out.’

[Riley] goes down to the pool. The staff comes up and moves all of his stuff out, and he’s hanging out down at the pool, and he looks up at the balcony, and Michael’s on the balcony, his balcony, waving to him from his original room.”

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