Nikola Mirotic Likely To Be Traded Next Week

Photo Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Nikola Mirotic Likely To Be Traded Next Week


Nikola Mirotic has somehow revived the Chicago Bulls. Ever since he’s come back from his injury, the Bulls have been playing on a different level.

But, even though Mirotic and teammate Bobby Portis have jokingly been dubbed the Bulls’ ‘one-two-punch’ (Portis was the reason for Mirotic’s injury after punching him in the face), Nikola still doesn’t talk to Portis, and more so, still wants to be traded.

Apparently, Mirotic’s wish is about to come true, as the Bulls now also want to trade him. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, Nikola’s new team could be the Utah Jazz:


The Bulls are still planning to trade forward Nikola Mirotic

Mirotic has been intrigued with the Utah Jazz, whose coach, Quin Snyder, has a reputation of maximizing offensive talent.


Acquiring Mirotic would make sense for the Jazz, as he could become the much needed stretch four next to Rudy Gobert. But, we’ll have to wait at least until next Monday, because that’s when Mirotic will be eligible for a trade.



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