Nick Young Didn’t Want To Be Interviewed, But Turn Up Instead

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Nick Young Didn’t Want To Be Interviewed, But Turn Up Instead


Nick Young may have only played limited minutes so far in these playoffs, but when he was on the court he did what he was asked to do. The Warriors ended up winning the West for a fourth consecutive year, but for the first time since Young has joined the team.

Swaggy P will now play his first career Finals, at age 33. After the game, at the Western Conference Championship presentation, Ernie Johnson wanted to interview Young, who didn’t want to be interviewed, but turn up instead:


Ernie Johnson: “I just got one more question for a guy who’s going to the NBA Finals for the first time. Nick Young, 11 years in the league. You’re gonna turn 33 on Friday. So your early birthday present is a trip to the NBA Finals on Thursday. What does this feel like to do this with this bunch?”

Nick Young: “Um, I got a hat as you can see, T-shirt, and…”

Ernie: “You’re holding the trophy.”

Nick: “Yeah, thank you.”

Ernie: “What does it mean to get there at this point?”

Nick: “It means the world to me. I really don’t want to be interviewed right now. I wanna go turn it up. I wanna go have some fun but you’re interrupting my moment. But thank y’all for doing this stuff, okay. I’m gonna go have some fun. I don’t wanna talk to you.”

Ernie: “Remember this day in NBA history, the day Nick Young said he didn’t want to be interviewed.”


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