New Technology in Basketball: Technological Innovations Changing The NBA

Photo: Kenny Eliason

New Technology in Basketball: Technological Innovations Changing The NBA


In contemporary culture, sports have become a vital component of many individuals’ lives. From youth leagues around the world to professional athletes, sports give people a way to get away from reality and do something fun. As the world is in a perpetual state of change, from technology to medicine, these changes do not stop at the athletic field’s perimeter. As with any other industry or pastime, technological innovations in sports are profound and fundamental to the game, even for fans who play NBA odds. 

Many aspects of life, including sports, have been revolutionized and profited from technological innovations. The sports world is never immune to these changes. The employees of the National Basketball Association (NBA) have always been very open to new ideas, projects, and technologies. Wearable or embedded technology and many other related technologies now dominate the association. These innovations, along with others, are changing the way fans watch, break down, and engage with the game.

With regulations and technological advancements that have had a long-lasting effect on the game, basketball has developed into a billion-dollar industry. It’s tough to recognize the technological developments that shaped this spirit because it is all around us. This is why we have highlighted some of the new technological innovations changing the NBA.

Technological Innovations Are Changing The NBA

1. Embedded/Wearable Technology

Multiple NBA teams now have sensors and microchips that are worn on the body. The teams use a range of technological tools to keep track of their athletes. Using the technology, the club’s technical bench will monitor crucial data such as the rehabilitation process, player workload, jumping, and acceleration, among others. Because the microchips don’t impede the players’ comfort while they play, they have been an immense success.

2. Adoption of Social Media

The emergence of social media has transformed how sports fans, reporters, and players connect. A significant number of people “live tweet” every NBA game. Their replies, assessments, and highlights are seen and heard faster than ever before.

This may seem like an obvious fact, and in all honesty, it is, but the impact of social media on NBA basketball culture keeps getting stronger. Players can change their profiles and posts during or after a game to make their experience even more unique.

Thanks to the technology that Twitter provided to help make a custom timeline for the finals, people could, for example, watch the games live right from their social profiles.

This feature makes it easy to remember important things that happened and what was said during the finals. Those who missed portions of the event may quickly search for the relevant hashtags to keep abreast.

3. SportVU Camera

When a game is on, the SportVU camera may record information on the ball’s location, players, and referees. To keep track of where each player, official, and ball are located, exact x and y coordinates are used. The film is analyzed at a rate of 25 times per second, and the software stores this data together with location and event metadata. 

Every game, one million new records are added to the databases. No longer do you have to watch NBA games by eye to find out where players are and how close the defence is to a player. What this means is that the defence is strengthened by SportVu’s involvement.

4. The Use of Mobile Gadgets and Devices

NBA clubs are increasingly influenced by mobile devices. The use of iPads, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices offers a lot more options than dry-erase markers and whiteboards, which were used for a long time and worked well. The use of tablets by coaches while watching games has become standard throughout the league. Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices offer a lot more options than dry-erase markers and whiteboards, which have been used for a long time and worked well.

Mobile devices have had a greater influence on basketball than Twitter and Facebook postings. Coaches use them to make the sidelines feel like a locker room so that players can look at what they did wrong and improve.

5. The Coach’s Eye

The software, Coaches Eye, is available as an app for all the major mobile platforms. The program may be used for recording and following NBA players during games or practices by coaches, trainers, and even parents. Using the software, you can get fast-or slow-motion replays, compare two different scenarios, and more.


The future of devices, wearable technology, data collection, and other analytics cannot be predicted. We can only assume that basketball will keep improving until it is the most innovative sport of all. 

So, what are your thoughts on technological innovation in sports? The world is changing because of digital technology, and no area can afford to stay the same. Not even the NBA. 

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