New NBA Rule Could Destroy The Game

Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated

New NBA Rule Could Destroy The Game


Just like most years, the NBA is also implementing some new rules before the start of the 2018/19 season.

Last year, the two most important rules were dubbed after players, the Harden rule and the Zaza rule. Both of which made sense. One to protect shooters, the other to limit players from collecting cheap shooting fouls.

This season though, one new rule might destroy the game. At least if refs continue to call it. The freedom of movement rule (not new but rather something that is being emphasized in more ways than it has been previously).

The problem is that this could end up in endless foul calls and lead to even more open threes and the impossibility to defend players like Stephen Curry and James Harden. Another problem could be that the new emphasis on freedom of movement might disproportionately favor teams who have a lot of player movement on offense.

Just take a look at this sequence from the Pacers-Rockets preseason game from the other night and you’ll understand how this rule could change the game.


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