NBA Analyst Floats Idea Of Miami Heat Chasing Joel Embiid Instead of Damian Lillard: “Butler And Embiid Could Be An Easier Pill To Swallow”

Photo Credit: ClutchPoints


The NBA offseason has been buzzing, and with trade talks and speculation swirling over the past couple of weeks, the Miami Heat have consistently been a point of discussion.

The Heat’s ambition to secure Damian Lillard from the Portland Trail Blazers is no secret. Following a season where the Trail Blazers missed the playoffs, Lillard has voiced his intent to move on from his long-time team and has singled out the Heat as his preferred trade destination.

Although the Heat and Lillard share a common interest, the trade is struggling to take shape, with the Blazers remaining unmoved by the Heat’s trade proposals for their superstar point guard.

Given these circumstances, Zach Harper of The Athletic now entertains the thought of the Heat pursuing Philadelphia 76ers big man Joel Embiid as an alternative to Lillard. According to the NBA analyst, a potential trade could involve the Heat offering Bam Adebayo to the 76ers.


“Daryl Morey is already processing Philly getting subpar value for Harden. However, a trade for Embiid (as awful as that might sound) is eased by Miami offering Bam Adebayo, a versatile four-time All-Star and two-time All-Defense selection. An Adebayo-centered trade package to reunite Butler and Embiid could be an easier pill to swallow. It would end any pursuit of Lillard due to lack of assets, but such a pursuit could also not yield Lillard at all.”


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