Milos Teodosic Isn’t The Best Non NBA Player In The World Anymore

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Milos Teodosic Isn’t The Best Non NBA Player In The World Anymore


Throwback to last year’s Olympics. The United States may have taken home gold, but they did not have the tournament’s best player. That mantle well and truly belonged to Serbian superstar point guard Milos Teodosic. After catching the eye and dazzling in Rio, Teodosic became a name NBA fans and GMs were very familiar with. It’s rare that a player outside the US catches attention, but Milos stole all the headlines in his outstanding Olympic games.

After the annual survey conducted by the NBA for GMs, Milos Teodosic was voted the ‘best international player not in the NBA’. Obviously a huge honor and achievement, Milos took to twitter to show his gratitude;



Needless to say, the world got to see what the Euro League has become accustomed to having year in, year out. A magician with the basketball. This wasn’t the first time he’s shone on the international stage however. He also led Serbia to gold medals at FIBA Europe Under 16, Under 18 and Under 20 levels in 2003, 2005 and 2007 respectively. He also added tournament MVPs alongside the national team success.

In 2013 the Memphis Grizzlies offered him a three year, $5 million dollar deal after he torched the Minnesota Timberwolves for 26 points, nine assists and five rebounds in a 108-106 victory, but he turned then down and decided to up his deal at CSKA for an estimated $7 million over three years. He did this in June of 2014, and due to this contract, he was unable to grace the NBA until 2017. Fast forward three years, Milos is still playing outstanding basketball and he feels the time will be right to play in the NBA.

Today, he signed with the Los Angeles Clippers on a 2-year, $12.3 million deal. 

Earlier that year, Teodosic said:


“In the past I felt that playing in the NBA was not something really close to me. Now, I think about it. I want to travel to the States, play in the NBA and compete against the best players in the world. Maybe now I am more ready mentally and also on the court. I know what I can do it, I believe in myself and I have no doubts or second thoughts.”


The NBA will no doubt benefit from his high basketball IQ and ability to make others better. He may struggle athletically and on the defensive end, but he can excel in areas that made him hot property around Europe for many years.

Good luck Milos.


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