Mikal Bridges, The NBA’s New Iron Man?

Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Mikal Bridges, The NBA’s New Iron Man?


Randy Smith! A.C. Green! Mikal Bridges?

Before A.C. Green took over the lead on the most consecutive games played list of the NBA, Randy Smith was THE iron man to beat in the league, with his 906 consecutive played games.

Green wold eventually extend the record to an unbelievable 1,192 consecutive games played, a record that almost seems unbeatable. 

Phoenix Suns star Mikal Bridges though, may have what it takes, to make a run for the record. So far, Bridges hasn’t missed a single game of his NBA career, and has now played 227 straight NBA games.

Even more impressive? His similar streak in college where he didn’t miss a game in his three full seasons for the total number of 116 consecutive games.

We’ll habe to keep an eye on this one.

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