Mikal Bridges On What LeBron James Would Average In The 80s

Photo Credit: AP Photo

Mikal Bridges On What LeBron James Would Average In The 80s


Upon watching the most-awaited Michael Jordan – Chicago Bulls documentary “The Last Dance”, Phoenix Suns Forward Mikal Bridges took the time to voice his opinion regarding the game that was being played in the 80s.

While many NBA fans are under the impression that the era of the 80s and 90s had some of the best and toughest defenses in league history, the 23-year old small forward doesn’t share the same perspective.



Bridges’ tweet was in direct correlation to the The Last Dance’s scene that showed Michael Jordan’s performance against the Boston Celtics in the 1986 NBA playoffs where he dropped 63 points in a double-overtime playoff game.

Jordan’s scoring outburst left the fans in awe, realizing that the Bulls shooting guard was just on another level offensively, the way he obliterated the Celtics’ defense on his own. As the fans call it—good defense, but better offense. 

But there will be always an opposing viewpoint to every discussion. Bridges is part of the many viewers who think Jordan played against mediocre defenses, that allowed him to dominate and score effortlessly during that era. 

Having said that, LeBron’s name always gets thrown into these discussions, saying that he would’ve had the same level of dominance, or better. Still, Bridges’ claim of LeBron dropping 90 points every game against the same Celtics is ridiculous, no matter how we look at it. 


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