Miami Heat Unveil Absolutely Amazing Alternate Vice Nights Court

Photo Credit: Miami Heat/Twitter

Miami Heat Unveil Absolutely Amazing Alternate Vice Nights Court


Mark your calendars:

  • Nov. 9 vs. Indiana Pacers
  • Nov. 10 vs. Washington Wizards
  • Nov. 12 vs. Philadelphia 76ers
  • Nov. 18 vs. L.A. Lakers
  • Nov. 20 vs. Brooklyn Nets
  • Nov. 27 vs. Atlanta Hawks
  • Nov. 30 vs. New Orleans Pelicans
  • Dec. 2 vs. Utah Jazz
  • Dec. 4 vs. Orlando Magic
  • Dec. 20 vs. Houston Rockets
  • Dec. 22 vs. Milwaukee Bucks
  • Feb. 23 vs. Detroit Pistons
  • Feb. 25 vs. Phoenix Suns
  • Feb. 27 vs. Golden State Warriors

These are the dates, the Miami Heat will play on their just recently unveiled Miami Vice-themed court. The court will match their “Vice Nights” City Edition uniform.

Last year, the Heat’s white Vice City Edition jerseys were sold out in no time and ended up being the best selling city jersey by a landslide. This year, the jerseys are just as nice, if not even nicer, and feature the black Vice-theme. Last year, the Heat did not have a court that matched the team’s jersey. This changes now!


Even Dwyane Wade was in awe. When asked about the court by the Miami Herald, he said:


“That’s the coolest thing. It’s not just the jersey, but to be able to go all in, all the way around. That makes it even more of a special night, when we get the opportunity to get on the court. I think it’s going to bring some excitement to even the players. So it will be cool to the fans, definitely, to come in and feel a different environment, a different vibe.”

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