Matisse Thybulle Shares Video Of Duop Reath’s Incredible Story From South Sudan To The NBA


Duop Reath, the 6’9 center for the Portland Trail Blazers, is an inspiration to millions around the world. His incredible journey, after fleeing the war in South Sudan, from a refugee camp in Kenya, to the NBA is a testament to his resilience, and determination.

Reath’s story begins in the war-torn country of South Sudan. At a young, he fled his home with his family to the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya. At the Kakuma camp, there were over 150,000 refugees, facing harsh conditions, dust storms, ans well as outbreaks of malaria and cholera. 

At the age of nine, Reath and his family resettled in Australia, where they finally were able to begin a life in safety, with Reath and his siblings beginning their education.

The entire story is incredible, and who better to tell it than Reath himself?! Reath’s teammate, the NBA’s best Youtuber, Matisse Thybulle, now helped Reath share his story in an incredible video.

Thybulle, who became the unlikely hero of the NBA Bubble in Orlando when he started vlogging and documenting the experience, released the video on his Youtube channel and it is a must watch.


The story of Duop Reath. From humble beginnings in South Sudan and the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya, to making his NBA debut as a 27-year-old Rookie for the Portland Trail Blazers.


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