Mark Cuban Demolishes Mavericks Locker Room

Photo Credit: Smiley N. Pool/The Dallas Morning News

Mark Cuban Demolishes Mavericks Locker Room


Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was holding a sledgehammer in his hands, and started destroying the Mavericks locker room.



He wasn’t mad at his team or the NBA (maybe he was, because he always is), but he personally started with the changes inside American Airlines Center.

The Mavericks are getting a new locker room, that will be completed before the first preseason game in October. It isn’t just another ordinary locker room, but basically the locker room of the future. The new lockers will have refrigerated cup holders (BEST THING EVER!), tablet docks, personal safes, and a lot more. Cuban said:


“The goal was to integrate anything and everything that could give us a competitive advantage. We brought in experts from the casino industry to integrate lighting that stimulates energy and a complete renovation of our ventilation system so we could integrate oxygen and more into the air we deliver into the locker room.”


Credit: Gensler Sports


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