Magic Johnson Says Stephen Curry Need To Catch Up To Him First Before Being Considered Best Ever PG


Stephen Curry has recently ignited a debate when retired NBA superstar Gilbert Arenas asked him if he thinks he’s the greatest point guard in NBA history. Boasting four NBA titles and often cited as the greatest shooter ever, Curry unequivocally declared that he is.

While Curry’s opinion is bold, it’s far from a consensus opinion. Many argue that Magic Johnson, long viewed as the best point guard ever, still holds the title. The discussion is presently intense, with Johnson and Curry both being heavily debated as the top choice.

Now, Magic Johnson himself shared his opinion for the first time, and understandably, he shares a different sentiment than Curry. Magic said that Curry first needs to catch up to his accolades before being able to be considered as the best point guard in NBA history.


“If he’s got more than 5 championships, more than 3 Finals MVPs, 3 league MVPs, Number one in assists all-time in the Finals, then he’s the greatest… but the last time I checked, he doesn’t.”


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