Luka Doncic Says He Is Done Yelling At The Referees

Photo Credit: Ryan Michalesko/The Dallas Morning News

Luka Doncic Says He Is Done Yelling At The Referees


Luka Doncic has become one of the biggest whiners in the NBA, and it has come to a point that Doncic’s blatant whining to the referees puts his team on a disadvantage every time he decides to argue instead of helping his team during live ball plays.

The 22-year old Mavericks superstar vowed to stop this after recording his 16th technical foul during the past 2020-21 NBA season, but it appears that Doncic still has a lot of work to do considering the number of excessive reactions he’s been committing this season.

Dallas Mavericks head coach Jason Kidd even took notice of this and suggested that the 22-year old Mavericks superstar has to learn when to complain and when to say nothing after dealing with an undesired whistle from the referees.

He definitely changed for the better as of late, and now explained that he had to change things, because it was a really bad look.


“It’s a really bad look, it’s over, I had to tell myself: no more.”


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