LeBron James Still Has One Goal He Hasn’t Reached In His Career Yet

Photo Credit: Getty Images/David Liam Kyle

LeBron James Still Has One Goal He Hasn’t Reached In His Career Yet


One may think that LeBron James has reached every goal he has set for himself before entering the league in 2003 by now. 3 Championship rings, 3 Finals MVP awards, 4 regular season MVP awards, 2 All-Star Game MVP awards, 13 All-Star Game nominations, 13 All NBA Teams, 5 All Defensive First Teams, and the Rookie of the Year Award.

But there is one little detail that seems to annoy LeBron. A goal he hasn’t been able to reach yet in his career. A goal James now talket to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin about.


“I want to shoot 80 [percent] from the free throw line, man,” James told ESPN. “That’s my only goal. That’s my last goal of my NBA career. That’s my last one. I’ve done everything else.”


LeBron James is a career 74% free throw shooter. In his best free throwing season (2008/09), he made 78% of his free throws. Last season was his worst season from the line, shooting an underwhelming 67.4%.

The last time I’ve updated this post (Christmas Day), LeBron had been closer to his goal than ever before, as he was shooting 78.5% from the line. Unfortunately for LeBron these numbers weren’t substainable during the Cavs’ losing streak. James now averages 74.6% from the free throw line. Since we’ve played more than half of the regular season, it’ll be hard for LeBron to reach his goal this season.

We’ll have an eye on his percentage and will update you throughout the season.

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