LeBron James Says He’s ‘Garbage’

Photo Credit: Orlando Ramirez/USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James Says He’s ‘Garbage’


LeBron James is arguably the most versatile player in NBA history. He can do almost everything on offense and defense – mid-range, paint, deep, lock-down… But James’ game does have one big flaw. His free throw shooting.

James is a career 73.9% free throw shooter. In his best free throwing season (2008/09), he made 78% of his free throws. In his last two seasons, LeBron wasn’t even close to hitting the 80% mark, 2016-17 being his worst season from the line, shooting an underwhelming 67.4%. He was able to improve that number last season to 73.1%.

So far in this season, it seems as the Pacific weather didn’t bring too much of a change. James is shooting an above average 76,2% from the line this season, but when you look at the advanced stats, you can see that it actually gets way worse, when it becomes more important.

Per Ben Golliver:

  • 1st Quarter: 72%
  • 2nd Quarter: 76%
  • 3rd Quarter: 79%
  • 4th Quarter: 74%
  • Clutch FTs in last 5 mins: 58%
  • Clutch FTs in last min: 44%
  • Clutch FTs in last 30 secs: 38%

After missing two crucial free throws last night, again. LeBron was mad at himself and said:


“I’m Garbage. I suck from the free throw line right now. I’ll get my rhythm back. But I gotta thank Kuz for giving me another opportunity, giving us another opportunity.”



Well, the Lakers won nontheless and are above .500 for the first time in two years. But, they ‘only’ beat the Atlanta Hawks, barley. If the Lakers really want to make some noise in this coming post-season, LeBron (and the others) better start making his/their free throws.

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