LeBron James Reacts to Bronny’s First Summer League Bucket While On Team USA Duty


LeBron James might have found himself with a case of divided loyalties recently. While preparing for the upcoming international stage with Team USA, James couldn’t help but be a proud dad as his son, Bronny James, took his first steps on the NBA Summer League court.

With LeBron away at training camp in Las Vegas for the upcoming Olympic Games, Bronny was making a name for himself in California. Despite missing his son’s debut in person, LeBron wasn’t going to miss the moment entirely.

Videos captured the iconic moment LeBron watched Bronny score his first Summer League basket on someone’s phone. His reaction? A simple yet powerful, “Come on man, that’s tough. That’s tough!” repeated with a mix of pride and amusement.



This short clip has gone viral, showcasing the bond between father and son, and the ever-present competitive spirit that seems to run in the James family. While Bronny’s performance throughout the league will be under scrutiny, this initial bucket undoubtedly holds a special place for LeBron, a testament to his dual role as a superstar athlete and a supportive dad.

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