LeBron James Plays NBA 2K To Get Used To His New Teammates

Photo Credit: Los Angeles Lakers/Twitter

LeBron James Plays NBA 2K To Get Used To His New Teammates


LeBron James, who is the cover athlete for the 20th anniversary edition of NBA 2K, will enter his 16th NBA season with an NBA2K rating of 98, which is pretty insane for a player in his mid 30s.

But a lot has changed for LeBron since the last version of 2K. He’s a Los Angeles Laker now and has to adapt to a new system and new teammates. So why not get a practice in already, even if it’s digitally. That’s what Bron thought and had himself a taste of the latest edition. He obviously played the Lakers and even picked the perfect matchup, the Portland Trail Blazers, who the Lakers will play on opening night, October 18.

This isn’t the first time LeBron has played 2K to get used to a new team. Back when the Cavs went crazy on trade deadline day earlier this year, James got used to playing with his new teammates by playing NBA 2K18.




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