LeBron James Once Revealed He Had Two Real Offers To Play In The NFL

Photo Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James Once Revealed He Had Two Real Offers To Play In The NFL


It’s Super Bowl night!!!!

The entire world is watching Super Bowl LVII right now. The Kansas City Chiefs are playing the Philadelphia Eagles.

Watching important games like this, I always think about which NBA players may also have the potential to be pro football players, and vice versa.

This is obviously when LeBron James comes into mind. As we know, LeBron was a great high school football player, good enough to be an All-State player in his sophomore year. He even got recruited by Urban Meyer, who at that time, was the wide receivers coach at Notre Dame.

It turns out that years later, during the 2011 NBA lockout James actually trained to be an NFL player, not knowing how long the lockout would last. That’s what James revealed during an appearance on ESPN’s ‘Uninterrupted’. Apparently, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones even had a contract ready for LeBron to sign:


“I had no idea how long the lockout was gonna be, and myself and my trainer we really started to actually train to be a football player when it came to like October and November. We started to clock our times with the 40s. We started to add a little bit more in our bench presses and things of that nature….”


Then, a couple of months ago, when appearing on the Manning MegaCast during Monday Night Football, LeBron James revealed that the Seattle Seahawks also offered him a deal in addition to the Dallas Cowboys.


“I still got the jersey too, that Jerry [Jones] and Pete Carroll sent me from 2011.”


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