LeBron is already Trash-Talking Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons and LeBron James

LeBron is already Trash-Talking Ben Simmons


Philadelphia’s number one draft pick Ben Simmons was a guest on ‘The Dan Patrick Show’ the other night and was asked if/when he had talked to Lebron James.

Simmons stated, that he was Facetiming with LeBron after the draft during Simmons’ draft party. The Finals MVP wanted to congratulate Simmons for being drafted with the first pick.


“I told him [LeBron] that I look forward to finally matching up against him,”

Simmons said.


How did James react to that? Well, he gave the rookie a reality check flipped the camera and showed Simmons his championship trophy.


“He just flipped the camera [around] and it was the championship trophy,” Simmons said. “So I couldn’t say anything back.”


Check it out:

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