Landlord Sues JaVale McGee Because Of His Cat

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Landlord Sues JaVale McGee Because Of His Cat


According to deadspin, JaVale McGee was sued by his former landlord he rented an apartment from in Dallas, for the time he was with the Mavericks.

The lawsuit was filed on Nov. 1, 2016 and claims that JaVale McGee had caused severe damage to the property that prevented the landlord from renting it out for two months. But that’s not all of the allegations. On top of the damages, McGee owed his ex-landlord money due to late rent fees.

McGee also was not allowed to keep his cat, Raja, in his apartment, which he did.


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McGee has now agreed to pay for the repairs and fees. Via Deadspin:


All in all, he agreed to pay for all the late and unpaid rent he owed, $12,000 in repairs, as well as $9,350 in cat-related fees. Subtracting his security deposit and tacking on an extra $10,000 for legal fees that Johnson requested, McGee agreed to pay $26,000. He submitted a petition to confess judgment yesterday.


I bet that Shaq was superiorly smiling when he laid eyes on the story.

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