Kyrie Irving Is On The Verge Of Making The Biggest Mistake Of His Career

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Kyrie Irving Is On The Verge Of Making The Biggest Mistake Of His Career


It is reported by multiple reliable sources that Irving wants to be the “focal point” of an NBA offense and has requested a trade to leave Cleveland.

Let’s actually have a look at this.

1. People may forget, but Kyrie was already the main man before LeBron James went back to Cleveland. How did he go leading a team? Even though he was young, the Cavs consistently had the top 5 worst records in the league. Irving has even had the opportunity to lead the Cavs when LeBron has taken his scheduled rest since he’s returned. The Cavs are not even close to being .500 team when James has sat. You needed LeBron to get to the Finals, LeBron doesn’t necessarily need you to get back there.

2. His preferred destinations are Miami, Minnesota, San Antonio and New York. Keeping in mind what he stated earlier, let’s look at each of those four individually.

Irving wants to be the man, well that’s not going to happen in San Antonio. There is a superstar already there by the name of Kawhi Leonard, and Irving would remain second fiddle him just like James in Cleveland. Also, the Spurs are an organization that prides themselves on a “non-man” culture, rather, everyone contributing. Isolation ball isn’t really in their true DNA. Further, the Spurs don’t have anything that attractive to offer the Cavs except perhaps LaMarcus Aldridge who no one wants anyway. The Cavs already have headaches trying to move Kevin Love.

It will be same for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Irving will have to share the limelight and the ball with Andrew Wiggins, Karl Anthony Towns and Jimmy Butler. Not the man there either.

Now, you go to New York or Miami you’ll be the man, but it comes at a cost. Going to New York you’re basically swapping places with Carmelo. You can get your numbers and be the first option, but you’ll be largely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, rotting away. It’s the same deal in Miami. You’ll be the first option offensively but LeBron owns the East and that won’t change as currently constructed. Either way, you’ll be “the man” in New York and Miami, but your stats will be largely meaningless if you’re not winning.

3. If Irving wants to wait, he could be the man in Cleveland again with LeBron potentially leaving after this season. If LeBron potentially leaving is apart of the reason you requested a trade, why not wait it out and be the man again in Cleveland? Why not silence your doubters and take the Cavs to the playoffs without James’ help?

4. You’re not Kobe Bryant (Draymond Green’s voice). This isn’t a Shaq-Kobe type of situation. You’re not as good as Kobe and don’t have close to the carrying power in order to go somewhere and make someone an instant contender. You’re a very special talent but this sadly isn’t the case. It’s not the same so it shouldn’t be tackled the same way.

5. Even if LeBron doesn’t leave, you will be the man eventually. The beauty of Irving’s situation is his prime won’t coincide with LeBron’s. Whilst LeBron will be aging, Irving will be entering the most dominant part of his prime. The torch will gradually be passed and you’ll be the first option anyway as James assumes a more playmaking type role which allows you to get any shot you want.

6. The Cavs never held Irving back. Irving still remains one of the leagues leaders in isolation possessions and overall dribbles. It’s not like he’s not getting his in Cleveland because he really is. He has the ultimate green light every single night.

All in all why would you throw away a winning culture and opportunity to learn off one of the best when you haven’t even reached your prime yet. Irving is in a lot of ways playing with house money until he enters his absolute prime. He’s not going to find a better situation elsewhere. If LeBron ends up leaving and the ship is going down, request a trade then. Don’t do it whilst you’re playing with a contender and winning the East every year.

He could be on the verge of making one of the worst mistakes of his career.

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