Kyrie Irving Throws Shade At Boston, Issues Warning To Potential Celtics Recruits


Kyrie Irving isn’t shy about expressing his opinions, and his latest comments regarding his former team, the Boston Celtics, are sure to raise eyebrows. During a press conference at media availability before Game 5, Irving discussed his time in Boston and offered some cryptic advice for players contemplating joining the Celtics.


“If any player is coming here, getting drafted here, thinking about coming here for free agency, getting traded here,” Irving said, “I just think do your homework and make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.”


Irving’s comments are veiled but potentially pointed. He spent two tumultuous seasons with the Celtics before requesting a trade in 2019. His tenure was marked by clashes with the coaching staff, media scrutiny, and ultimately, unfulfilled championship aspirations.

While Irving didn’t elaborate on what players should be aware of, his words could be interpreted in a few ways. Perhaps he’s hinting at the demanding Boston fanbase and media market. Maybe he’s alluding to the pressure of playing for a historic franchise with high expectations. It’s also possible he’s referencing the team culture or coaching dynamic.

The Celtics organization has yet to respond to Irving’s remarks. However, NBA analysts are already dissecting his message. Some believe Irving is simply voicing his personal experience, while others see it as a veiled attempt to discourage potential rivals.

Regardless of his motives, Irving’s comments are sure to spark conversation. They offer a glimpse into the complexities of playing for a team with such a rich history and passionate fanbase. Only time will tell if Irving’s “homework” advice dissuades any future Celtics recruits.

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