Kyrie Irving Plans On Staying With Nets This Season Regardless Of What Happens With Kevin Durant

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Kyrie Irving Plans On Staying With Nets This Season Regardless Of What Happens With Kevin Durant


Kyrie Irving had become a hot commodity in this offseason, particularly because of his contract situation with the Brooklyn Nets. Reports suggest that Irving could likely find a new team after talks about his future with the Nets have gone stagnant.

Then, out of nowhere, Irving shocked everybody when he exercised his $36.9M option with the Brooklyn Nets for the 22-23 season, after all.

Kyrie reportedly even shocked his team because he never informed the Nets of his decision before it was reported. Kyrie opting in however eventually didn’t change the fact that his Nets future is unclear at best.

Meanwhile, most of the Nets drama has made its way over to Kevin Durant’s corner. Durant requested a trade, or if this was not possible, the former MVP made it known that he wants coach Steve Nash and GM Bobby Marks releases of their duties.

Kyrie Irving however, reportedly has plans to stay with the Nets regardless of what happens to Kevin Durant.


“He opted into his contract, he’s committed to the Nets and from everything I’ve been told, she’s been doing everything behind the scenes. When you think about leadership, he’s worked out with teammates this offseason, continued to have those conversations with Sean Marks and Steve Nash

Now the other side is this, him and Kevin Durant are very close. This is something that everyone knows. And at the end of the day, whatever Kevin Durant wants to do, go through with the trade request, this way or that way, he’s always going to support Kevin Durant as a friend and his happiness.

“But as far as this leaves him and the Nets, whether Kevin Durant is traded or not, I think Kyrie Irving has the opportunity to still be a Net and I think the likelihood is still that right now the plan is for him to still stay a Net going into training camp and the season.”


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