Kristaps Porzingis Camp With A Warning To The Knicks

Photo Credit: Brad Penner/USA Today Sports

Kristaps Porzingis Camp With A Warning To The Knicks


New York Knicks big man Kristaps Porzingis, shined in last night’s matchup against the Suns, once again. He finished with 37 points in the Knicks’ victory. It was his sixth game of at least 30 points, as he is playing an incredible season so far, averaging 29.0 points, 7.8 rebounds and 1.8 blocks per game.

But it is possible that Knicks fans won’t be able to cheer on Porzingis for too many more seasons.

Kristaps’ brother Janis told Latvian sports magazine Sporta Avize that his brother’s decision to skip his exit interview with team president Phil Jackson in April was orchestrated in an effort to get the franchise to make changes and build a team around Kristaps that eventually will be able to contend.

Janis also said that Kristaps won’t be in a rush to sign an extension for the most money.


“The most important question here is this: What do you really want to achieve in your career? Because money – if Kristaps performs at least on his normal level, is gonna come. We are more focused on some other values and not just to quickly sign a new contract so we can collect the money. That’s definitely not our goal, so we won’t be feverishly counting minutes or counting points. You can’t escape the reality and the Knicks must also see that. From their point of view, Kristaps is the focal point at the moment so you cannot upset him much or otherwise, at the end of the season, he will say “it’s not so cool here.” The second question is: Who is the New York audience coming to watch now? To a large extent, it’s Kristaps. So the organization has to take that into account.”

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