Kevin McHale Claims The Miami Heat Are Lacking A ‘Go-To’ Guy To Win The Championship

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Kevin McHale Claims The Miami Heat Are Lacking A ‘Go-To’ Guy To Win The Championship


This year, there’s arguably no better example of a team with stable culture, elite coaching, good set of All-Stars and role players, than the Miami Heat. The Heat finished the regular season with the fifth-best record in the East, eventually making a trip to the NBA Finals.

Miami has made the impression of a team that doesn’t need a top-5 talent to win high-leverage basketball games as they’re a well-balanced team that relies on ball-movement where everyone eats. However, the team may be lacking a key factor that prevents them from attaining the NBA championship. 

According to former Rockets coach Kevin McHale, the Heat are lacking a ‘go-to’ guy in the Finals, and he doesn’t believe Jimmy Butler is that guy against the Los Angeles Lakers that feature a defensive player of the year runner-up in Anthony Davis.

Per the Miami Herald:


“When you watch Miami play, they don’t have a guy you can give it to and say ‘Here, this is the ball. You’re at your spot and go get us a hoop’ [where] the defense knows that’s his spot and they have to double-team him there,” McHale said after Game 4, per Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald.

“They sometimes have to have five or six different actions to get a decent shot in this series in one possession. All good championships teams have that guy you can give it to on his spot on the floor… Everybody had a player you can go to. Miami doesn’t have that. They’ve got to generate offense with so much motion. It’s hard to generate good shots against good playoff defense especially after three or four games in a row. They don’t have that guy. Jimmy Butler can’t do this against AD.”


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