Kevin Love’s Heartfelt Text To LeBron James After Lakers Signing

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Kevin Love’s Heartfelt Text To LeBron James After Lakers Signing


This year’s offseason started with a bang, as the LeBron era in Cleveland had come to an end after James signed a four-year, $154 million contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. The balance of power in the East shifted due to the trade, as the Cleveland Cavaliers went from being a contender to ‘fighting for the last playoff spot’.

But LeBron left town peacefully this time, having won a championship for the franchise. There also isn’t any bad blood between him and his former teammates.

During an apperacne on ESPN’s Get Up, Kevin Love now revealed the heartfelt text of support he sent to James right after his Lakers signing was made public.


“Well, I thought LeBron’s always looking for a new challenge. He’s always looking for a new opportunity. And with what he’s doing on the court and off the court, I think he wanted to see how he can impact another team, and LA was the right fit for him. But I didn’t really know it until I kind of had a feel for it towards I would say free agency. But I actually got the news when I was in New York, looked at my phone and though, ‘OK, well, he’s off to the Lakers.’ I mentioned that I wished him the best. I texted him, told him I loved him. And then we go from there.”


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