Kevin Garnett & Paul Pierce Hilariously Debate Who KG Would Cheer For In Celtics Vs Wolves Finals


With the NBA Finals slowly, but surely, approaching, a hypothetical scenario has sparked a hilarious debate between two of the league’s legendary figures. Paul Pierce, with his characteristic grin, posed a question to his long-time friend and former teammate Kevin Garnett: “If Boston and Minnesota made it to the finals, who would you cheer for?”

The question, simple on the surface, carries the weight of Garnett’s history. KG has deep ties with both franchises and therefore found himself in a delightful conundrum. The banter that ensued was nothing short of a trip down memory lane, filled with loads of laughter.


“I knew you was going to ask that,” Garnett said. “I’m the only one here qualified to hold the position… I’m 50/50! I’m love-love! I’m the only one that can sit here, in the middle, and root for both. I’m the only one who can do that in the world. Me!”


After this statement, Pierce and Garnett then went through each of the potential Finals games, with Garnett alway choosing the side of the winner. It was too funny!


Pierce: “So if Minnesota wins, you’re going to go to the locker room and…”

Garnett: “OH YEAH, way to get that sh*t, YEAH!”

Pierce: “And then Game 2, if Boston wins, you going to go to their locker room?”

Garnett: “YEAH, way to get that sh*t, YEAH!”

Pierce: “Then Game 3, Minnesota wins…”

Garnett: “YEAH money, get that sh*t, YEAH!”

Pierce: “Game 4, Boston wins…”

Garnett: “YEAH money, get that sh*t, YEAH!”


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