Kevin Durant Weighs In on Caitlin Clark’s Olympic Roster Snub


In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, NBA superstar Kevin Durant shared his perspective on the decision to leave WNBA rookie Caitlin Clark off the U.S. Olympic team for the upcoming Paris Games.

Durant, who has been a part of three straight gold-winning Olympic teams, expressed understanding for the selection committee’s choice. He believes that while Clark is undoubtedly talented, there are other candidates who are currently better suited for the Olympic roster.

The Phoenix Suns star emphasized the importance of proper steps in becoming an Olympian and suggested that Clark still has more work to do before she can represent her country at this level. Despite this, Durant praised Clark for her impact on the WNBA and her ability to draw attention to the league.


“I still think there’s proper steps you have to take in our world to be considered an Olympian. I think she’s definitely going to be on one of these teams going forward, but for right now there’s better candidates out there I think. But Caitlin’s just gotta continue to keep showing up every day. The WNBA is doing a great job of showcasing her. I’m seeing her games on ESPN every other day. No matter what they’re talking about, there’s a lot of dialogue around the game right now, so that’s good as well. But I think as she keeps getting better as a player, her production on the court gets better, then the league will grow, alongside some of the other women as well. A’ja Wilson, there’s just so many great players in our league, that Caitlin has helped shine that light on them. And that’ll help the league grow over time.”



Clark, known for her impressive rookie season averages of 16.1 points, 6.2 assists, and 5.1 rebounds per game, has also made a significant cultural impact. Her presence in the league has sparked conversations and increased visibility for women’s basketball.

Durant’s comments come amid a broader debate about the selection process for Olympic teams and the criteria used to evaluate athletes’ readiness for such a prestigious honor. While some may disagree with Durant’s stance, his opinion carries weight due to his experience and success in international competition.


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