Kevin Durant Says He’s On The Same Level As LeBron James

Photo Credit: REUTERS

Kevin Durant Says He’s On The Same Level As LeBron James


NBA Finals 2017, Game 3 in Cleveland. The Cleveland Cavaliers lead 113-111 with 47 seconds left in the 4th quarter.

Then, Kevin Durant pulls up for the 3-pointer over LeBron James and makes it. The Cavaliers can’t recover from that dagger and the Warriors take a commanding 3-0 series lead.

You all know how the series ended. The Warriors won the Championship.

Earlier this summer, in an interview with Zach Baron of QQ, Durant shared his thoughts about this career defying moment.


“That was the best moment I ever had,” Durant told me. “I made the game-winning shot in the finals against my fucking idol. Somebody that I really, really, really followed since I was a ninth-grade high schooler. I felt like he was passing the torch to me.”


Now, speaking with Mark Medina of The Mercury News, Durant clarified his comments. According to him, people didn’t understand what he meant.


“I saw a lot of people took that out of context: What I’m saying is when somebody passes the torch, they’re letting you in the room,” Durant said. “You got LeBron. You got [Dwyane Wade]. You got [Carmelo Anthony]. You got Paul Pierce. You got Larry Bird. You got Dr. J all in a room. It’s my turn to be in there with them and enjoy being one of the best players in the world. It wasn’t the fact that I took it from LeBron and he’s gone now. Obviously he’s still around.”

“Accolades and accomplishments and legacy and all that stuff and how they mean to people, I can’t talk on that,” Durant said of LeBron. “But as far as basketball skills are concerned? I’m on the same level.”

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