Kevin Durant Savagely Roasted Kendrick Perkins Again

Photo Credit: Joe Murphy/NBAE/Getty

Kevin Durant Savagely Roasted Kendrick Perkins Again


In early January this year, Kendrick Perkins and Kevin Durant had a Twitter beef, after Perkins criticized Durant for leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder to join the Golden State Warriors calling it ‘the weakest move in NBA History’?!

While Kobe Bryant’s tragic death caused Perkins to reach out to Durant and offer an honest apology, Durant hasn’t forgotten about it, and continued the roast session yesterday, while being guest on the Tea with A and Phee WNBA podcast.

When Durant was asked to guess Perkins’ scoring average during his 2013-14 MVP campaign, he couldn’t believe how less it was, and roasted Perkins in the process:


“Durant: 5.4?!

Collier: Lower!

Durant: Oh wow! That’a terrible. 4.2?!

Collier: Lower!

Durant: No way he averaged less than 4 points per game.

Collier: He averaged 3.4. 

Durant: Oh my Gosh… 

Wilson: That’s a good GPA. 

Durant: Yo he really averaged 3.5 points a game?

Collier: Less than 3.5. 

Durant: That’s terrible.”


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