Did Kevin Durant And Russell Westbrook ‘Break The Ice’?

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Did Kevin Durant And Russell Westbrook ‘Break The Ice’?


How much does Kendrick Perkins weigh? We’ll come back to that question later.

Ever since Kevin Durant left Oklahoma City and signed with the Warriors, the relationship between him and Russell Westbrook changed for the worse.

Did it really though?

Well, according to Kevin Durant, the two are still friends. Durant was guest on the Bill Simmons Podcast earlier this year, and said that he and Russell don’t happen to talk, but that they are friends nontheless.


“I don’t think we ever stopped being friends. We just stopped talking — but I don’t think we stopped being friends.”

Simmons asked if KD and Westbrook are speaking again.

“Not talking, nah, but I mean, I don’t think any… there’s no problems, I don’t think we ever stopped being friends.”


Now, a couple of months later, the two apparently are talking again. It all started when Russell Westbrook won the MVP award.

Former Thunder center Kendrick Perkins, who played with Westbrook and Durant in Oklahoma City, told Sports Illustrated that the two indeed are talking to each other once again.


Perkins established a group text message with Durant and Westbrook upon arriving in Oklahoma City. “I didn’t know KD and Russ from a can of paint,” he says. “I just wanted to get it like how we had it in Boston.” They pinged the thread day and night, dishing football smack and NBA rumors. “We’re in it a lot,” Westbrook said back in April 2016, even after Perkins left the Thunder. “That’s the type of relationship we have [with him].”

The group message has been silent following Durant’s departure to Oakland last summer. Perkins thinks it will resume activity in the future. “At least they’re talking to each other again,” he said. “I know they had talked right after they announced Russ won MVP. They texted. I think they broke the ice.”


So how much does Kendrick Perkins weigh? Well, enough to break the ice… (Ba dum tsss!)

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