Karl Malone Reportedly Made Peace With His NFL Player Son After Impregnating His 13-Year-Old Mother As A 20-Year-Old


NBA legend Karl Malone has reportedly made peace with his son, Demetress Bell, according to unspecified sources. This comes decades after a highly publicized scandal where Malone, at 20, impregnated a 13-year-old girl, Gloria Bell.

Malone’s legacy as a basketball player is undeniable. However, the incident with Gloria Bell has always cast a shadow on his reputation. The family did not press statutory rape charges but reached a financial settlement after Bell gave birth to Demetress. Malone reportedly had minimal contact with his son throughout his childhood.

Facebook user Vance Michael Collins claims Malone recently revealed having made peace with Bell. However, the reports of reconciliation are vague, lacking details about the nature of the supposed peacemaking or how long ago it occurred.


“NBA great Karl Malone states he has finally made peace with the son he conceived at age 22 with a 13 year old girl, Gloria Bell!!! Malone initially denied paternity fearing imprisonment and REFUSED to pay $125 a week in child support despite earning a total $101,723,378 throughout his NBA career! He eventually settled with the family out of court and a DNA test did in fact reveal Malone to be the father of Buffalo Bills player, Demetrius Bell. Malone now publicly acknowledges Bell as his son.”



Publicly, Malone has remained dismissive of the past, calling it his “personal life” and refusing to address the situation.

While reconciliation is a positive step, it doesn’t erase the gravity of the initial situation. Questions remain about Malone’s accountability and the impact his actions had on both Gloria Bell and Demetress.

Demetress Bell, despite lacking his father’s support, went on to become a professional football player. He previously stated he didn’t need a father figure and found happiness elsewhere.

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