John Wall And Brandon Jennings Were Threatened Outside A Hollywood Club

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John Wall And Brandon Jennings Were Threatened Outside A Hollywood Club


After beating the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center on Tuesday night, the Washington Wizards clinched the Southwest Division title for the first time in 38 years. John Wall once again was the key player. He finished with 34 points and 14 assists. After a night like that, you are allowed to celebrate. If you’re young, rich and in Los Angeles, Hollywood is the place to go. John Wall and Brandon Jennings seem to agree and visited the club ‘1 Oak’ in Hollywood. In a video by TMZ, you can see the two getting threatened, insulted and heckeld by some random guy.

via TMZ


“The scene was crazy … the Washington Wizards stars were outside of 1 Oak late Tuesday night (hours after beating the Lakers) when they were confronted by a man who was seriously pissed off.

The man called Jennings a “mark ass ho” and bragged about being from Compton — he clearly wanted to fight. The same man confronted John Wall a short time later.

But the NBA stars kept their cool … and left the scene without incident.”


Keeping their cool is a first for Brandon Jennings. But Wall and Jennings acted professionally and left without causing a scene.

Later, the same guy was seen chatting to Bradley Beal, and Beal didn’t know that exactly this guy was insulting his teammates just earlier that night.


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