John Salley Says Dennis Rodman Castrated 300 Calves During 1987 All Star Weekend


While Dennis Rodman was known for his eccentric personality and relentless work ethic on the court, a story about his All-Star break activities takes the cake (or should we say, steak?). Former teammate John Salley claims Rodman spent an All-Star weekend not partying with the other players, but rather, castrating 300 calves.

This tale, though seemingly unbelievable, perfectly encapsulates Rodman’s unpredictable nature. While his fellow All-Stars were basking in the limelight, Rodman, according to Salley, opted for a decidedly different kind of challenge.



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There’s reason to be skeptical. Castrating cattle is a skilled and physically demanding job, typically done by experienced ranchers. 300 calves in a short All-Star break timeframe seems highly unlikely.

However, the story speaks to Rodman’s unique approach to life and his relentless drive to push boundaries. Whether true or embellished, it’s a testament to his reputation as one of basketball’s most unconventional stars.

So, did Rodman really wrangle calves during All-Star break? The world may never know for sure. But one thing’s certain: when it comes to Dennis Rodman, expect the unexpected.

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