Joel Embiid Thinks The 76ers Will Supersede The Cavaliers

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Joel Embiid Thinks The 76ers Will Supersede The Cavaliers



Sam Hinkie’s masterplan seems to be completed after this year’s NBA Draft, only he won’t be part of the team that he planned himself, but that’s another story.

Joel Embiid is with the team, and is very excited when talking about the 76ers’ future. His insanely good rookie season (up until his injury), a great rookie year from Dario Saric, Ben Simmons ready to play this coming season, and Markelle Fultz as Philadelphia’s number one draft pick, makes it possible, probably even likely, for the Sixers to start their new bright future soon.

Trust the process!

Embiid was asked, if he feels like the franchise is in position to compete at the conference championship level when Cleveland begins to decline. He answered:


“Definitely. I think we’re building up at the right time so when we start getting good that’s when Cleveland and LeBron will start going down. So when it’s all said and done we will be mature and ready to compete for a championship. We will be ready.”


Embiid, who still is in rehabilitation for his injured knee, is still limited to some shooting and pool-runs, but plans to be back on the court in a few weeks. The Sixers already ruled him out for the Summer League (Simmons too), but if all goes as planned, Embiid will be ready to start he new season. Possibly Philadelphia’s first ‘non-tanking’ season in years.


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