Joel Embiid Reacts To His 2K17 Rating

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Joel Embiid Reacts To His 2K17 Rating


We all know that Joel Embiid really cares about his NBA 2K ratings.

Now that he finally played some NBA games – 31,but 31 very impressive games – he was excited to find out what his rating was, expecting an star rating.

2K Sports invited Embiid and asked him what he thought his rating should be. He said it should be at least be 95, and was dead serious while saying it. When Embiid found out that his rating was nowhere near 95, but ‘only’ 86, he was shocked and said:


“WHAT? That’s bull….crap. I’m not gonna cuss, I just got fined. But 86, I’m definitely going to bump it up to 95 during the season.”


Joel Embiid discussing The Process behind his #NBA2K18 rating @joelembiid

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As an explanation how unrealistic 95 would have been, and what great rating an 86 is. LeBron James is the only player above 95 with 96. Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant start the year with 94 and 93 ratings. So for a guy who played 31 career games, 86 is more than impressive.

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