Joe Ingles Says He’s The Best Shooter In The League

Photo Credit: Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images

Joe Ingles Says He’s The Best Shooter In The League


Utah Jazz swingman Joe Ingles has been a prime example of the rise and high caliber of players coming to US shores from the other side of the world. Ingles has been impressive for the Jazz in these last couple of seasons, and has become a very important player for the playoff team.

The Australian is also one of the players who can get hot at any given moment. Curry, Thompson, Redick, and Ingles to just name the players who come into mind first. Over these past few years Ingles has become one of the NBA’s best shooters and has shot over 44% from three in the each of the last two seasons.

Joe Ingles also is a very confident man and now said that he believes that he’s the best shooter in the league:


“Oh, I am. Yeah, why wouldn’t I? “The numbers I’ve shot, the percentages, they obviously are what they are and people are going to dissect everything but, I honestly feel like they’re all going to go in when I shoot the ball.”


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