Jalen Williams Details How Exactly Life As An NBA Player Is Like When It Comes To Women

Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images


We all know how easy it is for professional athletes to sleep with as many women as they like, if they want to.

And while some women literally chase NBA players, others are approaching athletes via social media.

Oklahoma City Thunder wingman Jalen Williams now detailed how exactly life as an NBA player is like, when it comes to women. Williams said that they’d basically just be lining out in the hotel hallways.


“I try to stay out of the mix, as far as girls during the season. I’ve seen some stuff, just in general, I know girls be like hanging out in the hallways and hotel rooms all the time, and kind of do that, just see like who they kind of get like upstairs with. 

They know your schedule and stuff, and you always get like random DMs like ‘fly me out’. That’s the trap that I think a lot of especially younger guys fall into…”



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