Jalen Suggs Focused On Winning In The NBA 

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Jalen Suggs Focused On Winning In The NBA 


The 2021 NBA draft is upon us, and franchises are ready to welcome the next wave of high-end talent they hope will elevate their fortunes moving forward. 

Unlike previous drafts, the 2021 draft class could realistically have five to seven genuine superstars that could change the trajectory of organizations for years to come. 

One of the top prospects on executive draft boards is Gonzaga standout Jalen Suggs, who is projected to land with the Toronto Raptors at number four on the evening.

The Raptors have steadily ascended into one of the premier franchises in the league over the past decade, by creating a winning culture that ultimately culminated in an NBA championship in 2019. 

For many years, savvy point guard Kyle Lowry led the Raptors, and ironically enough, Suggs’ winning intangibles have drawn comparisons to Lowry as his draft stock skyrocketed during his college career. 

Suggs addressed these comparisons when talking to Open-Court Basketball and the wider NBA media.


“(Lowry) does any and everything that’s needed for a win,” Suggs told the media. “Just the way he competes, his defence, his effort on the floor is a skill. I think that’s the mindset that he carries, that I (also) carry.”


The 20 year-old floor general also went on to praise the Raptors culture. 


“The player development program is off the charts,” Suggs stated. “Those guys develop and they get good, you know, (Pascal) Siakam, (Chris) Boucher, Fred VanVleet. They have a lot of guys who came up from there, so, the player development is great over there, the way they handle it.”


Only time will tell where Suggs ultimately ends up, but he is focusing on creating a winning culture first and foremost. 


“As far as where I go, it’s not something I’m really too worried about. I know I’ll thrive in whatever system, whatever city I end up in,” Suggs said confidently. “I will say that, the teams that do pass up on me, it’ll come back. It’ll be to their detriment. You look at my track record, what I’ve done, where I’ve been, it’s always win. At the highest level.”


It’s safe to say that Sugg’s acquisition will be a positive one for whoever is lucky enough to welcome him into their locker room. There are countless gifted guards in the NBA, but the ability to draft a natural born leader with talent to match is a rarity in today’s league. 

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